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Jace Holyoak

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Are your toys listening to you? Smart toy cyber-security concerns


As the holidays draw closer, kids are keeping their fingers crossed that they will wake up to the newest and coolest toys the market has to offer. Toy manufacturers are now producing "smart toys" that can interact with kids like never before.

5 Network Security Risks to Prepare for | Types of Cyber Attacks

Network security is becoming more necessary as attacks become more sophisticated and diverse. Accessing the network of an organization is a gold mine for hackers. Once a network is breached, there many different types of cyber attacks that the cyber criminals can employ to disrupt your organization's operations. Encryption of precious files, stealing of personal information, and impersonating executives in a phishing attack, are just a few of the tactics that these criminals employ. So what can you do when it comes to network security? You have to protect all entry points from these attacks. Specifically, we recommend considering the following five network security threats when preparing against such attacks.

Pine Cove Consulting Given National Cyber-Security Award

(Pictured above: Brandon Vancleeve getting interviewed about the award)

Pine Cove Consulting was awarded another national partner award from its industry leading partner, Sophos, for their work in the cyber-security industry. Sophos announced on November 1st that Pine Cove Consulting was Sophos' Synchronized Security Partner of the Quarter for quarter two of 2017. The criteria for this award was based on a combination of understanding and use of Sophos' Synchronized Security and accreditation from Sophos' training and certifications. Along with this honor, Pine Cove was given a Sophos branded Yeti SB5 Mountain Bike which is the same type of mountain bike that has won the last two mountain bike world championships.

Why Mobile Device Protection is Important | BYOD Security Risks

When people think cyber-security, they think endpoints, networks, servers, firewalls, etc. Mobile devices hardly make the top of the list, but maybe they should. With the rise of the BYOD (bring your own device) organization culture, organizations are being flooded with new devices into their network constantly.

Advantages of Video Conferencing | Weather

                                                                        (Image courtesy of Spokesman.com)
In a previous post,
Advantages of Video Conferencing Equipment, we highlighted some key benefits of implementing video conferencing technology. The main benefits we highlighted were improved communication, saving time and money, and having comprehensive technology. It's that time of the year to add one more advantage to that list, weather. Yes, I know it's just October but we in the northwest know all too well that the time to prepare for winter is now. Parts of the Northwest have seen up to 30 inches of snow since the start of October. Havre broke the record for the most snow in a two day period in October.

Government bans Kaspersky Lab antivirus software. What does this mean for you?

(Image Courtesy of engadget.com)

You may have heard the recent news but if you haven't it could have implications for you and your organization. Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke issued a "Binding Operational Directive (BOD)" on September 13th which directed Federal Executive Branch departments and agencies to remove any security products, services, and solutions associated directly or indirectly with Kaspersky Lab or related entities.

Anaconda School District Kicks off New Year with Technology Upgrade for Students, Faculty and Staff

BOZEMAN, Montana —In an effort to modernize and improve efficiency and education, Pine Cove Consulting assisted the Anaconda School District to completely upgrade its technology by implementing enterprise-level wireless infrastructure, Chromebooks for the students and cyber-security protection for all staff, administration and students.

3 Phishing Attack Examples | Types of Cyber Attacks

The threat of phishing attacks is not new, but is growing. In fact, according to Symantec, one in 131 emails contain malware, which is the highest rate we have seen in over 5 years. It is also estimated that phishing emails target over 400 businesses every day which have led to an average of a $1 billion loss over each of the last 3 years. According to a study done by PhishMe, 91% of cyber attacks now begin with some sort of phishing email. Phishing is clearly is one of the favorite tools hackers use to initiate all the types of cyber attacks.

Why is Technology Important in Business? Pine Cove's Top 10 Reasons

There are infinite reasons why technology is important in business. Whether we like it or not, the role of technology in business is expanding and will only keep growing in the future. Businesses owe it to their operations, employees, and bottom-line to utilize the new technological innovations. Businesses can no longer devalue the importance of technology in business, they must embrace the benefits of technology.

Introducing the New Pine Cove Consulting Website

We are excited to announce the new Pine Cove Consulting website is now live. This new website features many new upgrades to ensure you are informed of important technology news, Pine Cove Consulting Events, and tips/tricks to improve your organization's technology through the Pine Cove Pulse and Pine Cove Pulse Blog.

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