2021 Summer Projects- Adapt and Overcome

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Nov 16, 2021 12:32:21 PM
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2021 Pine Cove Summer Projects

Summers are always busy for our projects team, as organizations refresh old hardware and upgrade their systems. The summer of 2021 proved no different with the project team spending nearly 1500 hours on 58 unique projects.

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Summer projects did have unique challenges for our project team. "We had to be more patient with supply chain issues this summer," said David Huebner, Project Manager at Pine Cove Consulting. "Many of the ordered products have experienced production delays and we had to adapt, sometimes by taking multiple trips to the same project site." Despite the supply chain bottleneck, Pine Cove was still able to install more than 1600 unique pieces of hardware for organizations in nine different states. 

Another major concern for IT resellers has been labor shortages. Pine Cove was able to overcome the labor shortages by relying on the expertise of its lean project team, in conjunction with a small handful of summer interns.

As the summer fades, Pine Cove's project team is eager and excited to continue to tackle your upcoming projects. Contact us if you have any upcoming projects you'd like assistance with. In the meantime, check out some more fun information on our 2021 summer projects.

Project Locations

Pine Cove completed projects in nine different states and 42 unique cities. See the map below to learn more about our summer project locations.



Pine Cove partners with Sophos to offer industry-leading firewalls to its customers. Sophos firewalls offer powerful protection and performance for our customers. Pine Cove installed and configured nine firewalls in the summer of 2021. Nine Sophos firewalls stacked on top of each other roughly equal the same size as an extra-large pizza.

PROJECTS-2021_2-1(Pizza image courtesy of www.vecteezy.com)

Wireless Access Points

Pine Cove partners with a few vendors to sell wireless access points to its customers. Starting with a wireless heat map, Pine Cove is able to identify cold spots in your current network and design a new network to ensure wireless connectivity is reliable and fast. Pine Cove installed and configured 893 wireless access points in the summer of 2021. If you were to stack all those wireless access points on top of each other, it would equal roughly the same height as the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter.

PROJECTS-2021_3(Space shuttle image courtesy of www.freevector.com)


Pine Cove has earned elite partner status with Ruckus as a result of its certifications and volume of switching and wireless access points sold. This guarantees qualified installers and the best pricing for Pine Cove's clients. Fun fact, Pine Cove's very own Mike Stroud was named Commscope/Ruckus' sales engineer of the year in 2020. Pine Cove installed and configured 220 switches in the summer of 2021. If you were to stack all of those switches on top of each other they would roughly equal the height of two giraffes.

PROJECTS-2021_4(Giraffe image courtesy of www.vecteezy.com)

Security Cameras

Pine Cove partnered with Verkada in 2019 to provide physical security to its clients. Since the beginning of the partnership, Pine Cove has earned Verkada's preferred partner designation and installed thousands of security cameras throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. Pine Cove installed and configured 371 security cameras in the summer of 2021. If you were to stack all of those security cameras on top of each other, it would roughly equal the same height as an Old Faithful eruption.

PROJECTS-2021_5(Giraffe image courtesy of www.vecteezy.com)

UPS (Power Supply Units)

Pine Cove partners with Eaton to offer industry-leading power solutions to its clients. Pine Cove installed and configured 108 UPS' in the summer of 2021. If you were to stack all of those UPS' on top of each other, it would roughly equal the size of a sperm whale.


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