[Infographic] 2020 Pine Cove Summer Projects

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Nov 16, 2020 9:15:30 AM
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Summer Project Infographic Blog

2020 threw some wrenches into our planned projects and we had to adapt quickly to ensure our clients had access to their technology. I'm proud of our project team who put in more than 1200 hours cumulatively on 36 different projects in five different states. This summer we installed just under 1000 pieces of hardware and we are looking forward to our fall and winter projects.

The project team is always focused on the customers we serve and their unique pain points and goals. We personalize our services to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We look forward to our upcoming projects and are excited to continue to help organizations implement technology they can be proud of.

David Huebner
Project Manager
Pine Cove Consulting

2020 Summer Project Infographic

What our Clients are Saying about our Projects

“The install would definitely be ranked right up there with the very best, cleanest, quickest, and neatest installs that I’ve done.”

Brad Huffaker , IT Director North Conejos School District

“Pine Cove is one of my most trusted vendors. They are always quick to respond and they are helping our district be on the leading edge of technology.” 
Jason Eyre, IT Director Murray School District

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