Why Choose Newline's RS+ Touch Display? | Pine Cove's Top 10 Reasons

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Apr 4, 2022 12:36:12 PM
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Pine Cove Consulting is proud to feature our new partner, Newline because we understand the need for innovative digital tools in the classroom. Together, Pine Cove Consulting and Newline strive to bring the best touch displays and management systems into your classroom.

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We came up with 10 reasons to choose Newline's RS+ Interactive Touch Display:

  1. Free Software
    Newline offers free software for life. You never have to worry about investing more and more money into keeping your devices up and running with the latest updates.
  2. Versatility of Size
    The RS+ comes in three screen sizes: 65", 75" and an 86" screen. 
  3. Intelligent Touch
    The RS+ features 20 touchpoints when using a stylus, palm, or fingertip. This allows users to draw, write, and erase with fluidity. 
  4. Free & Unlimited Training
    Newline offers free and unlimited training for ALL staff members. forever.
  5. Clear, Clean, and Vivid Imagery
    Not only do the screens feature 4k UHD displays and anti-glare technology but the glass is made with Newline's lab-tested antimicrobial compounds. 
  6. 5 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty
    Newline is dedicated to making sure your product is working properly and efficiently. 
  7. Effortless Screen and File Share
    With a click of a button, the RS+ wirelessly shares small screens directly to the touch board without the need to plug and unplug cords.  
  8. Fast Response Time 
    The RS+ boasts an 8 ms response time, which is 35x faster than the average human reaction, according to humanbenchmark.com 
  9. Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems
    Newline's RS+ display is compatible with Windows, iOS, and android. Need I say more? 
10.   Free Display Management System
         Newline offers a free display management system with all touch displays. Some of the features are: 
  •  Advanced Messaging sends out alerts displaying over any on-screen content, perfect for fire drills or early-out notifications.
  • Automatically set a wakeup and turn-off time for devices. 
  • Allows settings to get updated for any and all devices from one point of access.

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Want to learn more about the free display management system?

Check out our webinar with Newline below! 


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