Announcing 2020 Tech Student of the Year Scholarship Recipients

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May 20, 2020 1:04:48 PM
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Pine Cove Consulting has proudly worked with schools across the Rocky Mountain Region for more than 27 years. Founded by educators, Pine Cove Consulting is dedicated to giving back to the schools and students across the Montana and Wyoming communities.

Unlike traditional scholarships where student apply, for this scholarship we ask school administrators and educators to nominate deserving students.

After awarding $5500 worth of scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the last two years, Pine Cove was impressed with the slate of nominations we received this year and is proud to announce that it will be awarding $2600 worth of scholarships to 18 different graduating seniors who are pursing a degree or career in a technology related field.  

Pine Cove Consulting is excited to announce this year's scholarship winners. The following two students were chosen as recipients of the Pine Cove Consulting Tech Student of the Year and will be awarded a $500 scholarship each:

  • Christopher P. - Arvada-Clearmont High School, WY
  • Dustin G. - Billings West High School, MT

Congratulations Christopher and Dustin! We were very impressed with the amazing work you have already accomplished with technology and can't wait to see how you will continue to contribute to the technology community for years to come.

The following honorable mentions will receive a $100 scholarship each:

  • Michael P. - Star Valley High School, WY
  • Carson - Powell County High School, MT
  • Clay F. - Drummond High School, MT
  • Shyane W. - Columbia Falls High School, MT
  • Moise E. - Fremont-Mills, IA
  • Shelby S. - Fairfield High School, MT
  • Brayden S. - Buffalo High School, WY
  • Margaret H. - Absarokee High School, MT
  • TJ E. - Fort Washakie High School, WY
  • Samuel L. - Columbia Falls High School, MT
  • Destiny C. - Wheatland High School, WY
  • Caleb P. - Baker High School, MT
  • William B. - Anaconda Senior High School, MT
  • Brayden G. - Fromberg High School, MT
  • Garrit P. - St. Labre Indian Catholic School, MT
  • Sephra C. U. - Plenty Coups High School, MT

For those that nominated students, thank you. We will be doing this every year so start your search for who you want to nominate next year. The future of technology truly is bright with these excellent students leading the way.

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