The Pros and Cons of Physical Security in Schools

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Mar 6, 2023 11:04:00 AM
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Schools are an essential part of our society, serving as a place for children to learn and grow. As such, it is essential that schools provide a safe and secure environment for students to learn and thrive.

One aspect of this safety is physical security, which refers to measures put in place to protect the school building and its pupils from harm. Physical security can range from simple measures such as locked doors and windows to more complex systems like security cameras, vape sensors, and alarm systems.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of physical security in schools to help understand the complexities of this important issue.

What is Physical Security in Schools? 

Physical security simply refers to any measure used to protect a school building and its occupants. This includes: 

  • Security cameras
  • Door locks
  • Vape sensors
  • Alarm systems
  • Intrusion detectors

Let’s examine both the benefits and drawbacks of using these physical security measures in schools! 

The Pros: Why should schools invest in physical security measures? 

Keeps both staff and students safe

Physical security measures such as locked doors, security cameras, and visitor management systems help keep students and staff safe. 

For instance, security cameras installed on the exterior of a building can help deter potential attackers and allow security teams to identify and respond to any incidents.

Improving emergency response times

Security systems give schools greater visibility of potential threats. In the event of an emergency, sensors and cameras can quickly detect attackers and alert security staff. 

For instance, Verkada’s MultiSensor technology uses four independent sensors with their own advanced processors to improve detection accuracy. 

The Cons: What should schools consider when selecting physical security measures?

Technical installation 

The technical installation of physical security measures can be complex and time-consuming. Schools need to ensure that they have the resources and expertise to install and maintain the technology. 

We recommend hiring a professional installation team to manage and install your hardware. They can ensure you're wiring up hardware correctly, ensure the software needed to manage these devices is installed on your systems, and even help you set hardware up. 

Want some help installing your security cameras, alarms, sensors and more? Get in touch with us to see how we can help? 

Training security staff on tech

Physical security measures often require special training for security staff to use effectively. 

Schools need to ensure that they have the resources and time to provide adequate training to staff, or they may need to consider hiring outside trainers.

Other considerations 

It is also important for schools to regularly review and assess their physical security measures to ensure that they are up-to-date and meeting their security needs.

 Schools should consider factors such as changes in the school environment, advances in technology, and feedback from staff and students when evaluating their physical security measures. 

By taking these considerations into account, schools can ensure that they are implementing effective and appropriate physical security measures to keep their students and staff safe.

Final thoughts

Physical security measures are essential for keeping schools safe. They help security staff respond to threats faster and also provide schools with legal protection after incidents. 

For schools looking to implement security cameras, sensors, access control systems and more 

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