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Jul 3, 2019 9:30:52 AM
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Security Cameras for Schools

Security Cameras for SchoolsPine Cove Consulting has partnered with Verkada to provide security cameras to school districts. This partnership will help schools implement a different, but equally important type of security which will aid school districts in ensuring student safety and protection of its students.

Educational institutions have a unique and specialized need of security cameras on their campuses. We have partnered with a company who is uniquely qualified to handle the complexity of school safety. Pine Cove Consulting and Verkada have already partnered with multiple school districts to implement security cameras in Montana.

If you are in the market for security cameras, here are 5 reasons to consider working with Pine Cove Consulting in partnership with Verkada:

1. Simple to Scale and Budget Friendly

2. Native Enterprise-Level Controls

3. Modern & Intelligent Security Software

4. Built for Active Coordination

5. Sustainably Secure

For more information on our security camera offering, visit and let us know you are interested in learning more, or hit the button below.

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