Introducing the New Pine Cove Consulting Website

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Aug 11, 2017 9:04:31 AM
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Pine Cove Consulting Homepage

We are excited to announce the new Pine Cove Consulting website is now live. This new website features many new upgrades to ensure you are informed of important technology news, Pine Cove Consulting Events, and tips/tricks to improve your organization's technology through the Pine Cove Pulse and Pine Cove Pulse Blog.

We have utilized this update to synchronize all our content onto one platform to ensure that our webpage loads faster and is more user friendly. There have been a lot of changes which will ensure that you are able to easily access the information you desire simply and quickly. 

When we started this project we had big ideas, from a complete website design overhaul to helping our users get the best technology information from a northwestern United States perspective. We have accomplished both of these feats and several others in this new website. 

In this new website we have included a new about page which describes our company history, a case study page to link you to some of our more prominent deals, a solutions page which simply outlines all of our solutions into three main categories, and the Pine Cove Pulse page which will be used as a hub for all of Pine Cove's announcements and new content. 

Along with all of the new features, we have included updated graphics, new images, and a lot of other updates to make the overall website more easy to navigate.

Enough talk. You have to check it out for yourself! 


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