8 Cybersecurity Blunders told through GIFs

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Mar 31, 2020 10:56:55 AM
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Cyber-Security Blunders GIFs

Let's be honest, talking about cyber-security isn't the most sexy thing in the world. In fact, the more you read about it in the news, the more somber you can feel.

We know the statistics... we've read the news/blogs (this is not one of those blogs).

Vendors attempt to scare clients/prospective clients into new purchases, IT directors attempt to scare their employees into cyber-security training. IT leaders attempt to scare their board of directors into investing more into cyber-security protection.

This can all be very exhausting. For all the chief information security officers (CISOs), IT directors, technicians, and any other IT administrator out there grappling with these complex issues, this blog can hopefully bring a smile to your face on a topic, that can typically be exhausting.

8 Cyber-Security Blunders told through GIFS

1. The Overconfident CISO vs the Penetration Tester

In a world where hackers are evolving as fast as the cyber-security protection, you should never be overconfident in your cyber-security solutions. Organizations bring in penetration testers to identify flaws in your security and if you are convinced that they won't find anything, think again.

2. "Our Anti-Virus is Enough"


Anti-virus/endpoint security is a very important part of your cyber-security protection. However, it is only a part. Organizations who put too much faith in their anti-virus software are destined for disappointment. Organizations who embrace a layered security approach, will have much greater success in fighting attacks.

3. Goin' Phishin' 


The tried and true cyber-attack. Phishing attacks have proven to be successful time after time. Unfortunately, employees can often be the greatest vulnerability in your cyber-security protection.

4. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

DDoS attacks seem to be fading, but this GIF was too good to not share. DDoS attacks attempt to flood your network with traffic. The hacker does this in an attempt to slow your machine down and make access to your network easier.

5. Poor Password Management 

I wish this video was a lie. Unfortunately, users often have a hard time coming up with strong passwords. Hopefully users can realize the importance of this and organizations can implement more two-factor authentication (2FA) in response to this issue.

6. Unqualified Cyber-Security Team 

Dedicating a significant amount of people or time to cyber-security is one thing, but quantity does not equal quality. Make sure your team is qualified, whether that is receiving the necessary education/certifications, or contracting out to a vendor who can provide expertise, you need to make sure your cyber-security team is qualified and equipped to battle the cyber-threats of today.

7. Under Performing Firewall 

So you got the "latest and greatest" firewall with all the bells in whistles? Does it work in conjunction with your other solutions? Is just flashy or does it offer serious protection against the threats?

8. Legacy Solutions vs Next-Gen Threats

Cyber-threats are evolving, fast. If your cyber-security doesn't evolve with the threats, you are falling behind.


Working in IT can often be a thankless job. IT admins can defeat thousands of cyber-attacks a day without a nod, but be reamed when one slips through the cracks. To all you out there valiantly fighting the good fight against cyber-crime, I salute you. May your ventures be successful and may you have the satisfaction that I'm sure the jewelry store owner had when he saw this video of thieves trying to penetrate their security.

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