Pine Cove Consulting, a Montana cyber-security firm, warns Montanans and Montana businesses to be careful and stay protected from new attack
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 Another Worldwide Ransomware attack, Petya, Spreading Now


Bozeman, Montana (June 26, 2017) – Just one month after the WannaCry ransomware attack in May, the world is now experiencing another worldwide ransomware attack. The WannaCry attack spread quickly across the world as hackers infected hundreds of thousands of computers and demanded a ransom from those infected. This new ransomware attack is expected to have similar damage.

Pine Cove Consulting’s Chief Information Officer, Dan Russell, warns that the new attack is a threat to Montanans and Montana businesses. “One big misconception that we hear a lot is that here in Montana, regardless of vertical, we aren’t targets for cyber-criminals.  Regarding the latest Ransomware attack, it started over in Europe, but there have already been cases reported here in the U.S.  At the end of the day, everyone has a computer with an IP address, meaning everyone is a target, “said Russell.

Upon infection of the Petya ransomware, the computer that is being used shuts off and restarts. Instead of directing your computer to Windows, as it normally would, it instead directs your computer to a custom screen that demands the user pay a $300 ransom in order to access Windows again. At this point users must decide whether or not to pay the $300 ransom via bitcoin, or lose access to their precious files on their computer.

“Ransomware and exploits are nothing new, they have been around for many years.  However, as cyber-crime has become more and more monetized, we are starting to see an uptick in cases around the globe and will continue to see these attacks become more prevalent.  Some things you can do to stay protected are, patch your systems as often as possible, backup your files regularly and keep a copy offsite, avoid opening attachments in emails from recipients you don’t know, invest in a Next-Generation endpoint protection, “said Russell.

About Pine Cove Consulting:

Pine Cove Consulting is a technology consulting firm based out of their two offices in Billings and Bozeman Montana. They specialize in cyber security and provide solutions which protect approximately 20,000 users each day against attacks such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyber-attacks. Pine Cove Consulting was started in 1993 and provides technology services and solutions to the whole northwestern United States with a focus on Montana and Wyoming.  

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