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Washakie School District Invests in Sophos Security

by Jace Holyoak on January 19, 2018

Video Transcript:

In December of 2016 a desktop and one of the elementary schools was hit with ransomware.It affected the server and the whole elementary school came off the grid. We have two other elementary schools, high school, a middle school, a central office, and one infected computer could bring down our whole network.One of the technicians was in the building by chance and he immediately took it off the network. If we'd not had the Sophos firewall, all of the other buildings in our district probably would have been affected because we're all on one large network. It was contained to the one building and, we're very thankful for that. I'm, Kathy wise, I am the tech director for Washakie County School district number one, and it is my responsibility to make sure that our students are protected when they're on the Internet. Before we had Sophos, we kind of piecemealed are different programs. We had one program for antivirus, we had a different provider for the firewall. When you're working with several different providers, you don't know exactly how everything dovetails together. Part of the federal funding that we receive is through erate. One of the components of being able to leverage the erate dollars is you have to be CIPA compliant. It's a federal mandate. CIPA stands for Child Internet Protection Act, and if we're not CIPA compliant, we will have to pay that money back. Since we've gone to Sophos as a complete provider for us, I don't worry anymore about holes or what's slipping through the cracks. Synchronized security has given me peace of mind.

My name is Corry Costle will I work as a computer technician. Synchronized security means that my end users are better protected. The ability of the Sophos protected endpoints to communicate with the firewall directly is great. We can see what's going on more readily than going to each computer. With Intercept X and root cause analysis, we can look at what came in where it came from, a website, the URL, the IP address, and it has reversed ransomware attacks. It's saved heart ache and It has saved time to know that things are working well in the background.

It gives me a sense of security in knowing that we are covered and as budgets get tighter and tighter, I know what it's going to cost on a yearly basis and then I budget for it. It saved us a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of heartache and it's worth it. It's worth it to go with a product that will protect you.

Topics: Cyber-Security, Education

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