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Technology Consultants View on Current IT Challenges in K-12

by Brandan Bassett on October 1, 2015
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Technology Consultants

During August and September, a lot more happens than just a change in the weather. For schools, the pre-fall months are among the most chaotic times of the year. New teachers, new students, and new technology are among the many factors requiring attention as districts prepare for the new year. The bad news is that this madness will probably not go away. The good news is that (1) you are not alone, and (2) there are things that your district and Pine Cove can do to help make the process run more smoothly.

Common problems we see schools facing:

  1. New devices as schools push toward one-to-one computing in k-12.
  2. New training for current technology and device use.
  3. New teachers that require training, limiting resources.
  4. Part-time employees have too little time to implement technology, doing a summer’s worth of work in the two weeks leading up to the new school year.
  5. Too little manpower. Technicians are stretched thin and overwhelmed.

What can districts do for better preparation?

We recognize that it can be hard to contract technicians for the full 12 months. In some cases schools only use them during the school year. However, there are ways to ensure that your technicians are not so overwhelmed in the last two weeks before school starts:

  • Plan additional resources in your budget.
    Make room in your budget for additional help or longer contract time with technicians. Did you know you don’t have to be a regular customer for Pine Cove Consulting to help with installation?
  • Plan for professional development.
    Students are unable to know their tools if the teachers aren’t provided with proper training. To avoid teachers learning technology last-minute, plan less busy times for professional development.  They might not like it – but training teachers during the summer makes for a lot less stressful beginning to the school year. Learn about Pine Cove’s technology training.
  • Get the little things done early.
    Because we all know August is a scramble, organize early. Get the simple things done so your techs can worry about the big things in the last two weeks.

Our Solutions:

We bring the manpower. Pine Cove utilizes a robust install team to facilitate projects in our school districts. The even better news? We can do this even for non-regular customers. Need help with new devices? Simply just need some more bodies who know what they’re doing? Contact us.

We provide the training. Pine Cove never leaves their clients high-and-dry after installing a bunch of new equipment. We understand that the hardest part of having brand new devices is learning how to use them. Training ensures that everything works right, teachers know how to implement the technology with education, and that they are taking full advantage of the devices.

We are as proactive as possible. Granted, we won’t know how efficient the technology is until the students and teachers are all in the school using it. But with a proactive installation approach, our IT network consultants prepare for the worst so that only minor bugs or issues need to be fixed.

Technology is meant to benefit you, not hinder you. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of technology – you already have people for that. With a top-of-the-line installation team, 24/7 on-call help, and services to train your staff on what you need to know, Pine Cove is a proven solution to show you the importance of technology in education.

Have more questions about our IT solutions or would like to talk to
one of our technology consultants? Contact us at.

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