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Sophos Network Security Health Webinar

by Tyler Wantulok on July 20, 2015


Missed the Webinar on Sophos Network Security Health?


Here are some key insights:

1. Advanced Threats

Advanced threats are becoming more and more difficult to detect and keep at bay. Advanced threats steal information and communicate with a control system of hacker networks. Sometimes they don’t get detected for years after damage has already been done. Which is why we partnered with Sophos, one of the fastest growing security companies in the world. They’re just as dedicated as we are to making sure you are getting optimal protection at the right price.

We brought Paul Zindell back to talk about Unified Threat Management (UTM)

2. UTM has a multitude of features:

  • APT protection
  • Web server protection
  • Email encryption and DLP – most common place for threats
  • Cloud management
  • Endpoint desktop AV
  • WiFi management
  • App control and traffic shaping
  • Web filtering and policy
  • Branch office VPN
  • Mobile NAC

These are the most requested features by clients, and Sophos contains all of them in a unified platform. To see more, visit their website.

3. 3 different deployment models

  1. Hardware Appliances
  • Most common form of firewall
  • Sophos has 3 different UTM hardware appliances (small, medium and large) to match any business environment.
  1. Software or Virtual Firewall
  • Runs on any system- comes as ISO file.
  1. Amazon Webservices
  • If your services are hosted here, you are able to apply the license to this account.

4. Introduced new information: Project Copernicus

Project Copernicus is the next iteration of firewall interface, as well as integration with new endpoint work. Project Copernicus is a major component that supports the Sophos Product Strategy that security health must be comprehensive, made simple, and is more effective as a system.

Sophos is merging with the Asian firewall Cyberoam, for all of user firewalls to be managed entirely from a cloud-based system.

The project merges endpoint and networks for unified detection and response:

  • Redesigned interface that is easy to use

o   From evaluation, licensing, deployment and day-to-day management

  • Has comprehensive management

o   From features, on-premise and cloud, to dashboards and reports

  • Ties into project Galileo

o   Network, Enduser and cloud combine to deliver advanced protection

Some ways of how the new interface prevents threats:

  • Locks down machines, notifies administrator, and sends instructions for appropriate action
  • Access Control and Advanced Threat Protection work together for a comprehensive protection
  • Only company on the market that can do this advanced protection
  • The update will be compatible with all current SG models.

5. Project Copernicus interface features:

  • Dashboard that contains interface status, top applications that are running, quick actions
  • Protection features that can be turned on and off
  • Threat status
  • Customizable interfaces and multitask rules
  • Changing bandwidth for student networks – especially during testing
  • Customizable network and traffic protection
  • Adjustable rules for every type of protection
  • Updated advanced threat protection
  • Intrusion prevention and specified network protection
  • Ability to scan encrypted traffic
  • Web-filtering profiles and specific policies
  • App control and ability to block applications
  • Advanced email protection feature
  • Centrally managed wireless protection

Check out the first webinar of this series watch it here!

A special thank you to Paul and the Sophos team for taking the time to talk with us and our clients. Want a one-on-one demo? Contact Pine Cove Consulting

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