Pine Cove Consulting Goes Remote, Closes its Office

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Feb 8, 2021 11:29:42 AM
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Remote Workforce

After an unprecedented year of growth, Pine Cove Consulting is excited to announce a new a transition to a completely remote workforce. All 23 of Pine Cove's employees will continue to work remotely full-time. 

“Evolving is important in the IT business. If you don’t evolve, then you are static and your clients suffer,” said Brandon Vancleeve, Pine Cove Consulting president. “Remote working is helping our company and our clients. Our employees are stationed across the Rocky Mountain Region and can provide on-site support to our clients which are also spread out across the region. Our company benefits by attracting high quality talent who want to remain in their rural communities. We’ve never been in a better place financially and structurally than we are now and embracing remote working has been a big part of that.”

Prior to 2020, Pine Cove Consulting had a Bozeman-based office that hosted seven of its employees. The other 16 employees already worked out of home offices scattered throughout Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Washington. After transitioning to remote working during the height of the lockdown, employees embraced the flexibility that comes from working from home.

I personally transitioned to remote working in early 2020 prior to the COVID outbreak. It was a transition but ultimately, I feel it has been a benefit to me and Pine Cove. I continue to meet with clients virtually to improve our processes, and we have meetings in place to ensure close contact with coworkers.

Working from home is not new to Pine Cove Consulting as the majority of its employees worked remotely for more than a dozen years. Pine Cove’s technology team meets daily over video and the entire company staff meets monthly via video conference, which helps strengthen the bonds of the employees and fill the social gap that sometimes results from remote working.

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