Meet Our IT Intern: Debbie Chi

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Aug 3, 2023 12:55:42 PM
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Full Name: Debbie Chi

Educational Background: I am enrolled at Western Governors University.

What sparked your interest in pursuing an internship in the IT industry? I was seeking a career change that would allow me to earn more income and work remotely from home.

What inspired you to apply for an internship with Pine Cove Consulting? When I came across the internship description, I felt it perfectly aligned with my career goals.

Can you share some of the IT-related tasks and projects you're looking forward to working on during your internship? I'm excited to gain more hands-on experience in networking and exploring the cybersecurity aspects of the IT field.

Are there any specific challenges or goals you would like to overcome or achieve during your internship? My primary goal is to excel in the areas I mentioned earlier.

What do you hope to gain from working with professionals and experts in the IT field at Pine Cove Consulting? I'm eager to gain valuable insights and practical experience across various aspects of IT.

What are your interests and hobbies? Outside of IT, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and attending live concerts.

What are your future aspirations? I aspire to become a seasoned IT professional.

Why are you interested in technology? My interest in technology stems from my upbringing. My dad was a computer enthusiast, and I learned to disassemble and assemble computers from a young age. I was exposed to computers at the tender age of 4 and even created digital inventions with my dad, soldering circuit boards together.

What about technology fascinates you? The ever-changing nature of technology and its ability to make people's lives more convenient are what captivate me the most.

What's the most unusual or innovative use of technology you've come across recently? Recently, I was fascinated by Amazon Go technology, which allows for cashier-less shopping experiences.

How do you think emerging technologies, such as quantum cryptography or artificial intelligence, will shape the future of the tech industry? I believe these emerging technologies are like double-edged swords – their impact will depend on where and how they are applied. They hold immense potential to revolutionize the tech industry but must be handled with care and responsibility

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