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Wyoming Boosts Internet Infrastructure, Investing $16 Million

by Tyler Wantulok on October 28, 2014

For our rural Wyoming community, many school districts have struggled with internet outages and complicated wiring to their capitol city, Cheyenne, in order to give schools internet access. The old infrastructure made students take online tests in turns, and only held 2 gigabits of capacity. And if any connection was lost in Cheyenne, all buildings lost access. Sometimes it would take days, even weeks, to get the connection going and schools could resume teaching.
Until now.

The state is investing $15.8 million to boost infrastructure- increasing Wyoming’s capacity to 100 gigabits (enough to store a library floor’s worth of thick books), and using a basic backbone with 3 loops throughout the state. These loops move through northern Wyoming, southern Wyoming, and another between Laramie and Cheyenne. The loops bring the internet to hubs, and these hubs provide spokes to run to every school throughout the state, using local internet providers.
Wyoming internet providers are required to upgrade equipment and expand their connections to the small communities. Without the budget, providers weren’t able to financially reach these small areas on their own.

Schools also have off-site servers that store their information, so that grades and important documents won’t be lost with another power outage. Smaller districts that have the least bandwidth are the first focus and are receiving attention they need with the new investment. Once equipment is offered, internet providers will be able to better provide services at more affordable prices for businesses, schools, and eventually residents.

Pine Cove and Our Clients
The core equipment for Wyoming’s infrastructure that was put in by the state is 10 to 12 years old, and in our fast-paced technology world, the devices are so ancient that nobody even sells it anymore. With Wyoming’s infrastructure so far behind, it will take time to get every area up to speed. But with a budget this big and help to get equipment replaced, they are in the right direction to having structure that allows for much faster upgrades in the future.

At Pine Cove, our goal is to provide equipment and installations that you can trust, and deliver satisfaction among our clients. This includes the success of not only the technology services we help with, but also the success of the students in your schools. High speed internet and online classes will allow schools to make their own choices about what they want to offer, which makes us very excited for our Wyoming clients.

Besides the obvious benefit of faster connections, no more lost time because of Cheyenne’s power outages, and more bandwidth, these schools have a lot more room to move with their network.

And even better, it makes it easier for us to help our Wyoming customers. Without a sturdy backbone and difficult connections, it makes it harder for schools to get optimum networking help.

Now with an upgrade, students both ahead and behind will get the tools they need to either catch up or excel; businesses will have the ability to expand and operate much faster; and schools will be able to develop and grow in their technological advances. We say Wyoming legislature deserves a big pat on the back, and a congratulations to Wyoming education and businesses!

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