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ShoreTel Sky Communications and E-Rate

by Tyler Wantulok on November 7, 2014

Shoretel Sky

About ShoreTel Sky

We know cloud-based technology is the new way of the future, and a new aspect of this is VoIP (voice over internet protocol) vendors such as ShoreTel Sky. ShoreTel Sky provides a practical solution for large companies in particular.

Why does ShoreTel provide so well for large enterprises? Because they break them down into four categories:

  • Core phone system: Provides basic functionality that allows companies to present a professional image to callers.
  • Unified communications: They add a variety of features beyond voice that improve internal communication for employees. They include IM, video conference, mobile apps, presence detection, and collaboration tools such as screen and file sharing.
  • Application integration: gives employees access to information about customers and partners through interfaces to different automated systems and applications. They include CRM, ERP, and applicant tracking software.
  • Contact center: provides capabilities for answering, routing, queuing and dealing with customer calls effectively.

ShoreTel also includes a range of software and devices for employees to access, such as a “communicator” software- a graphical onscreen dashboard that lets users customize functions; a mobile app for Iphones, Android, and BlackBerry devices, an iOS device dock for iPhones and iPads linked to the mobile app; and a range of ShoreTel IP desk phones for multiple or one-line calls.

Why do we care about ShoreTel Sky?

Here at Pine Cove, we are dedicated to find the best products for our clients. ShoreTel Sky is a part of a new, innovative calling system, and better yet, they are part of the E-Rate program.
Eligible E-Rate participants include public and non-profit K-12 schools, as well as all public and most private libraries. For schools with financial problems, this program helps schools get more for much less.

There are two funding priorities with specific categories of eligible services:

Priority 1

  • Telecommunications Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet Access

Priority 2

  • Internal Connections
  • Basic maintenance of internal connections

Priority 1 services are funded first, and VoIP services such as ShoreTel Sky are eligible as Priority 1- under Telecommunications Services or Internet Access.

We are dedicated to helping you find the best possible products at the best discount, and we are excited to see services like ShoreTel Sky able to be part of these helpful programs.

E-Rate’s Review of ShoreTel Sky

E-Rate chose ShoreTel Sky as the #1 VoIP service. Here’s why:

ShoreTel is the only vendor with a pure IP telephony solution built as a completely integrated VoIP solution. ShoreTel designed a solution that works and is easy to use.

ShoreTel has won industry award for their VoIP solution 4 years in a row. They have received the highest ratings for quality, reliability and end-user satisfaction.

ShoreTel is based on a unique distributed architecture. Shoretel is a fully distributed IP telephony system, a single image system across the world, with complete feature transparency.

All sites receive the same features and functionality regardless of size. Whether there are 2 or 200 phones, the platform will work the same.

Extra features and functionality are included.

Easy to use, and industry-leader in Customer Satisfaction.

Why Schools Use ShoreTel

ShoreTel claims to be an experienced E-Rate service provider, and takes managing and maintaining the system off clients’ shoulders.

  • ShoreTel is fully managed for schools and libraries.
  • They become the one-stop phone system provider and telecommunications carrier, meaning one predictable invoice every month.
  • ShoreTel provides a customized experience that works best for their clients.
  • They have exceptional quality and reliability, making sure you have the best sound quality for your calls.

What We Can Do

As your technology service provider, we try to help you find the best solutions for your school. We are dedicated to making sure you have the best programs at the best price. Using E-Rate and its programs as a discount for your school is an ideal way to receive the best new technology at a lower price. Interested in whether or not you apply for priority 1 or priority 2 discounts? Interested in ShoreTel Sky? Contact your Pine Cove Consultants! We want to make sure that school districts can receive the benefits they want in their financial budget.

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