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Apple becoming mass deployment friendly for BYOD districts

by Tyler Wantulok on March 6, 2014

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Image source: Apple Deployment page. http://ow.ly/ugTJk 

Apple's soon to be released iOS7 update will have new features that will excite IT administrators who are tasked with the responsibility of massive device and application deployments. This should help Apple become a more attractive choice for organizations and schools who are considering 1:1 or BYOD environments.  The changes are outlined in a series of documents Apple posted on its IT deployment page and include changes to its Device Enrollment Program, Volume Purchase Program and the Apple ID for Students.

The Volume Purchase Program allows the organization to buy apps in bulk through the VPP store and push them out to the devices under your umbrella via MDM.  Your faculty and students will have faster access to all the tools they need to enhance their teaching and learning experience.  You also get the added benefit of "Pricing for Education," where the app developer has enabled education pricing.  This special pricing is a 50% discount when purchasing apps in quantities of 20 or more.  The VPP program also gives you the ability to buy a wide variety of books from the iBooks Store to introduce some interactive learning to your institution.  When you buy apps and books in volume you will have the option to assign apps and books using third-party MDM solutions.  To take advantage of all these new and exciting VPP features, all your organization has to do is enroll, set up administrators, purchase and distribute desired apps and books.

The new iOS features built-in support for Apple and third party MDM solutions making it easier than ever before to manage all the Apple devices in your organization.  This enhancement streamlines deployments of any size so that teachers and students can take advantage of the device immediately.  With an MDM solution in place, IT administrators can securely enroll devices in an education environment, configure and update settings, set restrictions, and install apps.  The MDM framework in the new iOS allows third-party MDM solutions to interact wirelessly and was designed to be scalable enough to fully configure and manage all of your institution's devices.  This lightweight framework gives the administrator the ability to manage accounts, configurations and installation as well as the removal of apps.  Device queries and remote lock or wipe of a stolen device are also part of the iOS update.  Teachers can also take advantage of MDM to create the ideal teaching environment by temporarily limiting the iOS device to a single app all over a Wi-Fi connection.  This maximizes the effectiveness of the device in hand by ensuring your students are focusing on the task at hand.

All this points to Apple's commitment to make up ground in enterprise and educational markets by making their devices, apps and books easier to purchase, manage and install remotely.    

For indepth information visit https://www.apple.com/ios/education/ 

More for education.

iOS 7 provides powerful new ways to configure and deploy devices across institutions and features to help schools purchase, distribute and manage apps with ease. App Store license management, seamless enrollment in mobile device management (MDM) and single sign on are just some of the capabilities in iOS 7 that make it ideal for education.

 Managed distribution.

The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Education now offers institutions the ability to assign apps to users while retaining ownership and control. Institutions purchase apps through the VPP store, and can use their MDM solution to assign apps to users over the air. Users can enroll with their personal Apple IDs without providing it to their institution, and apps are placed in their purchase history for self-service download, or are installed automatically via MDM. Apps can be revoked at any time and reassigned to other students. In addition to iOS apps, VPP now also supports the purchase of Mac apps and even books, so students can be provided all the tools they need to get their work done. 
Learn more

 New MDM options.

The MDM protocol in iOS 7 includes a number of new commands, queries, and configuration options that make third-party MDM solutions even more powerful. Wirelessly set up managed apps, control which accounts and apps can open certain documents, configure accessibility options and AirPrint printers, and restrict changes to accounts. Teachers can remotely lock or unlock iOS devices into a specific app, such as an assessment app, ensuring that all students are on the same activity at the same time. 
Learn more about mobile device management

 Single sign on.

Authenticating into your institution’s apps is now as simple as doing it once. Single sign on (SSO) means user credentials can be used across apps. Each new app configured with SSO is able to verify the user is allowed access to institutional resources and login without requiring them to enter their password again.


AirDrop allows users to transfer photos, videos, or documents between iOS devices making it easy for teachers and students to collaborate. Users just tap the Share icon within an app and select the person they want to share with. AirDrop does the rest using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Transfers are encrypted, so all their work is highly secure.

 Enhancements for Apple TV.

New management options aren’t just for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now Apple TV can also be enrolled in MDM, allowing configuration of settings like Wi-Fi and default language. iOS devices can be pre-configured with AirPlay destinations using configuration profiles. And MDM can prompt a student to mirror their screen on a specific Apple TV, so teachers can easily put their work on the big screen.

 Enroll students of all ages in iTunes U, iCloud and more.Coming soon

Students with Apple ID can have an enhanced personal experience with access to great online services like iTunes U, iCloud backup, and the ability to receive licenses in the new Volume Purchase Program. And now schools will have a program to facilitate Apple obtaining verifiable parental consent for personal Apple IDs for students under age 13.

 Caching Server 2 supports iOS 7.

Caching Server 2 speeds the download and delivery of content through the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store. By caching purchased content on an institution’s OS X Mavericks Server, your students and faculty get faster downloads of all their content including software updates, directly to their iOS 7 devices. 
Learn more

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