Anaconda School District Kicks off New Year with Technology Upgrade for Students, Faculty and Staff

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Sep 13, 2017 11:04:21 AM
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BOZEMAN, Montana —In an effort to modernize and improve efficiency and education, Pine Cove Consulting assisted the Anaconda School District to completely upgrade its technology by implementing enterprise-level wireless infrastructure, Chromebooks for the students and cyber-security protection for all staff, administration and students.

The upgrade transforms Anaconda School District into one of the most technologically advanced school districts in the state. The overhaul replaces 10-year-old computers, an unreliable wireless internet connection and a vulnerable network security with new Chromebooks, an enterprise wireless system. and cyber-security protection.

“Technology problems often hinder a teacher’s ability to focus on the students,” said Brandon Vancleeve, Pine Cove Consulting’s Vice President. “With this upgrade, Anaconda School District staff and faculty will be able to focus more on their role as educators and less on their technology problems. Students will also reap the benefits of having access to Chromebooks and a dependable internet connection to complete their work.”

"It is heartening to work for a Board of Trustees that continues to make a strong commitment to our students and who understands that education in the 21st century requires a commitment to state of the art technology,” said Gerry Nolan, Anaconda School District Superintendent.  “The new system installed by Pine Cove ensures that the 500+ new devices the Board has added in the past two years can all function at their maximum capacity. To have the devices but not the network to support them would be foolish. The Board of Trustees has demonstrated great vision and commitment in supporting our students with both the devices and the network that help make the Anaconda School District a 21st century school and a great place to learn."

Pine Cove Consulting is a technology consulting company based in Bozeman, Montana that has been providing educational institutions and businesses with technology services and solutions since 1993. Pine Cove has done extensive work with schools throughout Montana and Wyoming.

About Pine Cove Consulting:

Pine Cove Consulting is a technology consulting firm based in Bozeman, Montana. Since 1993, it has continuously worked to improve technology for schools, businesses, and government agencies across the northwestern region of the United States. Pine Cove Consulting has a combined 160 years of network management experience, while supporting more than 20,000 users and installing more than 2,000 servers. Pine Cove Consulting specializes in cyber-security, infrastructure and communication solutions. For more information visit our homepage or call us at 800.432.0346.

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