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Pine Cove Passion: Why Technology is Important to Us

Posted by Matt Hall

Pine Cove Passion: Why Technology is Important to Us

“I believe the people that work here, including myself, have a passion for what we actually do. We are positively affecting students, teachers, businesses and business owners.” - Matt Hall

With a firm commitment to servicing the underserved, Pine Cove has ignited technology use and sustainability in the rural communities we work in. This commitment is rooted into the very early years of Pine Cove, as well as, the roots of the founders. "The Vancleeve family not only started the company based on their educational degrees and experience in the classroom, but carried a strict focus on the rural communities they came from." Matt says. Whether the district has 4 or 4,000 students, Pine Cove’s goal is to give students the same technological opportunities, no matter their size, demographics or geographic location.

How important is Technology in Education?

Often times, budgeted restricted, rural schools get turned down or ignored by technology providers because of their size and remoteness. Pine Cove Consulting has seen the technology gap between large and small schools in this part of the country, and understands the importance of bringing those smaller schools up to speed. 

Our goal – our passion – is to give those students and teachers the exact same opportunities they would have in a larger community:

  • Ensuring our rural students are prepared equally for higher education and/or employment

  • Keeping talented and inspiring teachers in rural areas

  • Keep families in these rural education systems

  • Keep communities alive and vibrant in our rural states

Where has our passion taken us?

With 23 years of ongoing experience, Pine Cove has seen everything. We know how to work with rural schools and can predict future problems, as well as detect current ones quickly. While most corporations would not be willing to travel to these remote locations, we at Pine Cove are passionate about bringing our services to clients in-person. Some of our employees, like Matt Hall, even put in over 

2,000 miles in a week to see six different districts. And although some companies can’t see the benefits of working with small schools, the biggest benefit for us is the strong relationship we have established with our clients. "These rural districts are loyal, if you are willing to put the time in to visit them and consult with them, they will find any way possible to do business with you." Matt states.

Expanding our passion to small business

As mentioned in previous blogs, Pine Cove Consulting recognizes the need for updated technology in small business. "As we focused our efforts on underserved public entities for the last 23 years, we have been awoken to the fact that there are underserved businesses around our states that are desperate for technology guidance, as well. There are several reasons why we are excited to build new relationships in this industry: 

  1. Small (underserved) businesses need sustainable IT solutions to stay competitive, sustainable
  2. Small businesses need to be able to focus on their competencies
  3. Modern technology can give small businesses a competitive edge 

We are taking our 23 years of passion, experience and dedication to the small business market. Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Contact us

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IT network consulting company court the Underserved Small Businesses: Why?

Posted by Brandon Vancleeve


Since our inception, Pine Cove Consulting has been focused on bringing quality IT solutions to underserved public entities in rural communities. For the past 22 years, we have partnered with rural school districts and local governments to bring them the most current technologies. We believe the experience, partnerships and relationships we have cultivated over the years, will be equally valuable to underserved businesses that want to remain competitive. We understand technology and how to use it to grow, stay connected and create a valuable customer experience. But most importantly we strive to understand your business, clients and customers to ensure you get exactly what you need to thrive. We live and breathe technology so you can devote 100% of your time to your bottom line.

What does it mean to be underserved?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel your IT solutions make you more productive? Or prohibit productivity?
  • Do you feel 100% confident that if you had a data breach or loss, you would be able to get your data and applications back?
  • Is your technology giving you exactly what you need in order to run operations quickly and efficiently?
  • Do you feel like communication among employees, customers or partners is not at the level of quality you demand?
  • Are you finding you spend the majority of your IT budget fixing and maintaining your current inadequate IT solutions?
  • Do you cringe with every hour your IT support companies are fixing problems?
  • Do you feel uneducated when trying to buy the right technology?

You might not even realize that you are an underserved business. We define “underserved” as rural businesses not getting the help they need or businesses in thriving communities that are unsatisfied with their current IT solutions. Bottom line: if your technology is not making your business more productive, you are underserved and could benefit from our small business IT consulting.


Why is PCC moving into the B2B Environment?

1. We RECOGNIZE the void for solution-based IT network consulting companies

When looking at the competitive landscape for Pine Cove, we see two groups that we fit in between. There are the larger solutions companies that focus their attention on large, enterprise customers. Then, there are the small break fix companies that focus on smaller entities with a model based on hourly support time and maintaining current inadequate technologies. Our goal is to be an IT solutions based company that focuses on smaller entities by providing them sustainable enterprise solutions that are efficient and sustainable.

2. We ARE the small business.

After years of staying away from local business opportunities, we realized that they are no different than our own business. They have strategic objectives as an organization, they need to be able to communicate, administer and support those objectives. Technology is a huge piece of that puzzle. Our business depends on technology to amplify productivity, profitability and reduce travel. We now realize this could be true of most businesses who are looking to grow in a competitive market.

3. We SOLVE problems with IT solutions rather than labor.

We recognize the sinking feeling customers receive when they need to call IT support companies in to solve their technology issues. Pine Cove Consulting is dedicated to helping you at a monthly rate rather than outrageous hourly billing. Our model is to solve business problems with technology, rather than fixing the technolgy that is creating problems for your business and limiting your growth.


How is Pine Cove Consulting going to better serve the local business community?

1. Show how we use technology.

We use technology in our office every day to communicate with employees, clients and partners in a large geographic area. From video conferencing, VoiP phones, Wi-Fi and the infrastructure it takes to run a network, we strive to understand your unique business challenges so we can create the ideal environment for you.

2. Community involvement and outreach.

While headquartered in Bozeman, Pine Cove Consulting has employees who reside in Montana and Wyoming. We operate where you operate through business networks in your community. Through our existing involvement, outreach and relationships in local communities, we understand the strengths and challenges a business might have.

3. Bring you in to see how it works.

Because we are a small business, we have IT network consultants who are available to you around the clock. You won’t get an automated message or person you can’t understand over the phone. And the best part is, you don’t have to talk to us just over the phone. We encourage visits and face to face meetings to understand your IT issues and to walk you through our proposed solutions.

What is our solution?

“We design, build, and deliver sustainable technology solutions that ensure your network is capable of carrying out your vision.”

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