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Pine Cove Restore Q and A

Posted by Tyler Wantulok

Pine Cove Restore Q and A.

Forget everything you know about backup and recovery.

What you'll learn on this twitter Q and A:

Q1: Role call: Who is on the Pine Cove Restore Q and A panel?
A1: Dan Russell - CTO with PCC and Rick Vancleeve - CEO with PCC
A1: Brandon Vancleeve, Vice President, Dir. Of Sales & Marketing

Q2: What are the myths of Disaster Recovery?
A2: too expensive to implement - Our stance is its too expensive not to have true DR
A2: Disasters are only subject to true natural disasters. Power hits, server crashes just as catastrophic
A2: Have to pay for each GB backed up

Q3: What is the evolution of backup?
A3: Tape - File - Cloud - Image/Replication
A3: Has gone from "what is backed up" to "how fast can I recover"
A3: Cloud has changed the game as far as evolution

Q4: What has caused the evolution of backup?
A4: More complex file structure and server infrastructure - Also business can't afford to be down or loose information
A4: More Reliabilty, Faster Recovery, Legal Requirements

Q5: What is Pine Cove Restore?
A5: Continuous Imaged based DR solution for Physical and Virtual Environments - with offsite replication capabilities
A5: Imaged-based backup, providing on and off site replication
A5: Full restoration support and consultation provided in monthly service subscription

Q6: How do I learn more about Pine Cove Restore?
A6: web - or Twitter @PINECC or Email



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