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Pine Cove Passion: Why Technology is Important to Us

Posted by Matt Hall

Pine Cove Passion: Why Technology is Important to Us

“I believe the people that work here, including myself, have a passion for what we actually do. We are positively affecting students, teachers, businesses and business owners.” - Matt Hall

With a firm commitment to servicing the underserved, Pine Cove has ignited technology use and sustainability in the rural communities we work in. This commitment is rooted into the very early years of Pine Cove, as well as, the roots of the founders. "The Vancleeve family not only started the company based on their educational degrees and experience in the classroom, but carried a strict focus on the rural communities they came from." Matt says. Whether the district has 4 or 4,000 students, Pine Cove’s goal is to give students the same technological opportunities, no matter their size, demographics or geographic location.

How important is Technology in Education?

Often times, budgeted restricted, rural schools get turned down or ignored by technology providers because of their size and remoteness. Pine Cove Consulting has seen the technology gap between large and small schools in this part of the country, and understands the importance of bringing those smaller schools up to speed. 

Our goal – our passion – is to give those students and teachers the exact same opportunities they would have in a larger community:

  • Ensuring our rural students are prepared equally for higher education and/or employment

  • Keeping talented and inspiring teachers in rural areas

  • Keep families in these rural education systems

  • Keep communities alive and vibrant in our rural states

Where has our passion taken us?

With 23 years of ongoing experience, Pine Cove has seen everything. We know how to work with rural schools and can predict future problems, as well as detect current ones quickly. While most corporations would not be willing to travel to these remote locations, we at Pine Cove are passionate about bringing our services to clients in-person. Some of our employees, like Matt Hall, even put in over 

2,000 miles in a week to see six different districts. And although some companies can’t see the benefits of working with small schools, the biggest benefit for us is the strong relationship we have established with our clients. "These rural districts are loyal, if you are willing to put the time in to visit them and consult with them, they will find any way possible to do business with you." Matt states.

Expanding our passion to small business

As mentioned in previous blogs, Pine Cove Consulting recognizes the need for updated technology in small business. "As we focused our efforts on underserved public entities for the last 23 years, we have been awoken to the fact that there are underserved businesses around our states that are desperate for technology guidance, as well. There are several reasons why we are excited to build new relationships in this industry: 

  1. Small (underserved) businesses need sustainable IT solutions to stay competitive, sustainable
  2. Small businesses need to be able to focus on their competencies
  3. Modern technology can give small businesses a competitive edge 

We are taking our 23 years of passion, experience and dedication to the small business market. Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Contact us

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Lovell Principal Awarded Principal of the Year

Posted by Tyler Wantulok

One of our long-time partnerships, Lovell High School, recently received an award for Wyoming Principal of the Year. Principal Scott O’Tremba was deemed the award by the Wyoming Secondary Schools Principals Association, and is now eligible for consideration for the National Principal of the Year.

O’Tremba has been Lovell’s principal for eight years, previously being a high school principal at Kemmerer, and also a teacher and guidance counselor.

He was nominated by Dan Coe, superintendent of Big Horn County School District No. 2. “I think Mr. O’Tremba is very deserving of the recognition with his commitment and focus on students. He is an outstanding high school principal,” Coe told recent news.

O’Tremba received a plaque created by students for the award. He will be going to Washington, D.C., in the fall, where he will be recognized for the award along with other Principals around the nation.

O’Tremba has made his focus on including staff, students and parents in decisions to better the school by creating a team of advisors. He has received a lot of support and involvement in the community around Lovell. O’Tremba gives the success of the school to staff, students and parents, and mentions that the school received three advanced proficiency awards in their last accreditation report.

“I love our kids and I love our teachers and that makes it so much easier for me. For me it’s been about hiring really good teachers, keeping really good teachers and working with them in a way that they can trust,” O’Tremba said to news reporters.

As an ongoing 20-year partnership with Lovell High School, we are proud to be associated with such a high-performing school and think that there couldn’t be a principal more deserving.

Congratulations Principal O’Tremba and Lovell High School!

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