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Google gives students and teachers unlimited storage for FREE

Posted by Tyler Wantulok

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With the introduction of free, unlimited storage on Google Apps for Education, school districts are looking into the idea of cloud storage in the classroom. Many corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Apple, to name a few, are using cloud applications in order to benefit its user.

Microsoft Office 365 offers unlimited storage at free or minimal cost for education. You can access this from anywhere, and use your Microsoft package on the cloud. Many Apple users have Airdrop on Mac devices, as well as Icloud. Google recently introduced Drive for Work- which appeals to all businesses needing to share documents; and they now have free unlimited storage for Educators and their students, called Classroom.

Google Classroom

Why do we encourage Cloud Storage?

We spoke with Pine Cove President and CEO Rick Vancleeve, and here are some main insights as to why we encourage cloud storage:

1.    Cost savings
Although at Pine Cove, we can install your storage software easily so you don’t have the hassle, you can save money by using unlimited storage on cloud devices.

2.    Access from Anywhere
You can access data from school, home, or wherever- and most applications don’t need you to be online in order to do so.

3.    Data is Stored Online
You don’t have to buy backup devices and software for your data, because it’s stored and backed up online for you. Most all cloud storage has a strong focus on keeping your files secure, as they are aware that this is the biggest concern for cloud storage.

Unlimited Storage – Education’s new backpack

Many of our clients use cloud because of the little-to-no-cost, unlimited storage it offers. Whether they are using Office 365 or Google Drive, Montana and Wyoming schools have been moving with technology changes faster than you might think. Some clients have inferred that Google Drive for Education still has some progress to make, but they are excited about the idea of the new feature. And they are certainly not running away from the idea of unlimited cloud storage- especially when it comes with security and a price tag of free.

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Google Classroom/Drive for Education

Posted by Tyler Wantulok

Who needs a backpack for school this year when you have Drive? 

This year, Google is offering a new feature to its popular, innovative document sharing system: Drive for Education.

The new feature offers this free app to any school with a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account, and this includes Google Classroom- a free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive and Docs. School districts across the country have been integrating drive into their physical classrooms; in order to better share, edit and store documents without the hassle of organizing paper.

Watch how Google Classroom works, here!

Creating a Classroom is simple: Once you have Drive for Education, a join code is created, and users can either add students manually or give them the join code to use. When users add a student, a Classroom folder is also created in the student’s Google Drive.  
Classroom is designed to help teachers create and collect assignments digitally, including time-saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student. This way, everyone is organized- from student to teacher.

The teacher’s Classroom folder contains the following: a folder for each class, a folder for each assignment, a folder that includes templates for each assignment, and any additional classwork files. The student’s Classroom folder includes a folder for each class, and assignment files for each class.

Students are able to keep track of what’s due on the Assignments page and begin working with just a click. Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom. Teachers can even create a function called “Create a Copy”, where students cannot edit assignments once they submit it. Teachers can also track real-time work that students have done on their assignments.

30 million students, teachers, and admin have access to the program, and predictions indicate that this number will only get bigger. As long as the school has signed up with Google Apps for Education, Drive for Education is entirely free, which is giving Google a strong foot in the door with educators.

Physical classroom structures are beginning to change with the times, and cloud-based storage and sharing is one of the leading transformations. It’s faster, more organized, and easier to use for our technologically-engaged students.

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Pine Cove Consulting EduTech Roadshow Recap!

Posted by Tyler Wantulok

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We would like to thank all that were able to attend our first ever Pine Cove
EduTech Roadshow. We are very pleased with the outcome and the event
was a huge success!

We covered two states, three cities and 570 miles in three days. Attendees from 80 districts learned about several leading technologies and initiatives in education.

Mike Fleetwood

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Mike Fleetwood, Sr. Business Development and Services Manager, spoke about the exciting new suite of services being offered by Google Chromebooks including the Chromebook Pilot Bundle, which many of you have already taken advantage of! The Cisco-Meraki team explored the new opportunities that Cloud Managed Networking provides to schools and discussed their MDM solution, which is FREE to everyone.

Chromebooks in Education:
Chromebooks for education give students, teachers and administrators a simple solution for fast and easy-to-manage computing. Chromebooks provide students with access to the web's vast education and collaboration resources. For IT administrators, Chromebooks offer centralized device management and a low cost of ownership. Chromebooks are an ideal solution for Common Core testing compliance.

Pilot bundle:
The Pilot Bundle contains everything schools need to get started on the right path to 1-to-1 and achieving Common Core! Deploy classroom-ready technology to deliver daily curriculum to prepared teachers. We can help ready your school by bundling the key pieces for a successful pilot with Chromebooks. Taking advantage of the Pilot Bundle will provide teacher validation of Chromebook classroom functionality in achieving Common Core and broader curriculum goals. We assure Chromebook success in K-12 by helping your district evaluate many aspects of its technology plan, network readiness, and teacher preparedness.

Management Console:
This web-based management console comes with 24/7 support from Google. With just a few clicks, the management console allows you to create user groups, pre-install and block apps, track assets and manage user access. This makes it easy to deploy and centrally manage a fleet of Chrome devices and users.

White Glove:
With the Chrome White Glove Service, users can count on continuing post-sale support so you can get the most from your Chrome Experience. This exclusive service ensures your Chromebooks are configured to your schools network. They are locked and ready to be deployed directly to students, sparing your network during school or district-wide deployments.

To Learn more about Pine Cove's Google Chromebook Services Click HERE


Rob Irizarry

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Code Montana Recap:

Founded by Rob Irizarry, CodeMontana is a statewide program for high school students that teaches computer programming as a step toward preparing Montana youth for high paying careers in technology. The program provides students with 90 days of free access to an interactive, self- paced online curriculum and mentor.


Shaheen Karimian

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LaunchPad MSU recap:

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation’s three-year, $2 million grant will establish a partnership between Montana State University, the University of Montana and Headwaters RC&D to introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career option. It provides university students with a network of venture coaches and entrepreneurial support to transform new ideas into sustainable companies. With a physical presence at Montana State University and the University of Montana, Blackstone LaunchPad has the potential to generate some 150 new ventures in Montana over the next five years.

Blackstone LaunchPad at the University of Montana and Montana State University will foster connections between the university campus, business community, and local entrepreneurs to create an environment that nurtures young entrepreneurs, and provides them the skills and network necessary to succeed. Unlike traditional college curricular programs available due to limited school populations, Blackstone LaunchPad is open to all 30,000 students at the University of Montana and Montana State University and alumni.

The goal of this two year initiative is to inspire entrepreneurship, provide coaching to refine ideas and pair partner aspiring business creators with mentors who can help them get their ideas off the ground. Blackstone Launchpad expects that achieving the goals for this new career option will result in new business growth for Montana and creating more jobs for our residents.


Tammy McMahon

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Meraki recap:
Meraki networks simply work. Intelligent, cloud managed WiFi, routing and security that is scalable. You get all the benefits and features of an advanced WiFi solution without the cost to deploy more IT staff to build your network. The Cisco Meraki cloud architecture saves 50% over traditional networking solutions. Enabling BYOD, high-density classroom WiFi, tablets, and video, Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking was built for the demands of education.

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